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FIRST YEAR (Oct 2021 - Sep 2022)

The 1st year of ENACT has been focused on improving and implementing the research plan, preparing the clinical protocol, and caring for the design and the development of the preliminary interactive platform for performing experiments and motor-cognitive exercises in Virtual Reality. The current setup includes: a phygital (physical-digital) system to track and handle real objects, perceiving them as their virtual replicas; a biofeedback module for Heart Rate Variability control to manipulate computer-generated items as a secondary task to engage the user; an eye-tracking module to analyze gaze movements in the interactive scenarios. 

This preliminary interactive platform (devised and implemented by Laura Salatino in collaboration with Chiara Storchi) has been presented during demos, including the one at RomeVideoGameLab 2022

SECOND YEAR (Oct 2022 - Sep 2023)

The 2nd year of ENACT will focus on data collection in clinical settings (in particular for motor-cognitive rehabilitation) and in activities of dissemination and public engagement. Meanwhile, the wearable system for mitigating the Cerebellar Tremor in upper limbs will be developed and assembled.

THIRD YEAR (Oct 2023 - Sep 2024)

The 3rd year of ENACT will be dedicated to refine and evaluate the advanced prototypes of interactive and computational platforms, enriching the ENACT dataset, and to test the wearable systems devised to mitigate the Cerebellar Tremor in upper limbs.